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Hi there! I imagine you must be wondering what the heck is up with my blog name. The short answer is, Pants has become my internet handle in a lot of places where I hang out (somehow). I mainly read YA and comics, and I also frequently read speculative fiction of pretty much any kind. My other hobbies include watching anime and playing video games. Other random tidbits: I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Masters in Library and Information Sciences. I also have an affinity for tea.
The Baby-Sitters Club: Kristy's Great Idea - Raina Telgemeier, Ann M. Martin The nostalgia!! I don't know if I enjoyed this so much because I read the BSC books voraciously (in French as well as English) as a child, but this was a lot of fun!

Obviously, the biggest draw to reading this was that it was in a graphic novel/comic book format and Graphix couldn't have made a better choice than having Telgemeier at the illustration helm. Her art style is adorable and fits the tone of this series so well. She captured the essence of Kristy, Mary Ann, Claudia and Stacey with her designs and breathed new life into them. I was a little sad to see this in B&W (I've read Smile and Drama which were both coloured) but Telgemeier's line work is very strong and didn't suffer from the lack of colour. The panel structure is very simple and easy to follow, but it breaks things up once in awhile with little things like the girls' entries into their babysitting logbook (which mirrored how they did it in the books too).

The writing, while obviously based off Martin's text, was wonderfully adapted and didn't feel dated in the slightest (though the lack of cell phones may puzzle younger readers who are surrounded by that kind of thing--I would be surprised if it deterred one's enjoyment of the work though.) It's a fun, clean story that offers the usual bits about friendship and growing up which are plots that have obviously been tread many times before, but I found this had so much charm and heart that I enjoyed myself immensely while reading. I can't wait to get my hands on the next couple of volumes that are available! I'm curious how many Graphix is going to publish (but I hope it's a lot.)