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Hi there! I imagine you must be wondering what the heck is up with my blog name. The short answer is, Pants has become my internet handle in a lot of places where I hang out (somehow). I mainly read YA and comics, and I also frequently read speculative fiction of pretty much any kind. My other hobbies include watching anime and playing video games. Other random tidbits: I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Masters in Library and Information Sciences. I also have an affinity for tea.
Roses and Bones: Myths, Tales, and Secrets (Bind Up) - Francesca Lia Block I usually love FLB. :( I sometimes wonder if I'm just growing out of her stuff though. I'm also not in the best reading frame-of-mind right now because I'm so busy with school, which has been making me a much more impatient reader.