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Detective Comics, Vol. 1: Faces of Death - Tony S. Daniel
Review originally posted here.

Why I Read It: I love love love Batman, and this is a part of my challenge to read as much of the New 52 as possible. I did go in with some trepidation though -- one of my really good friends who is a fellow comic book geek warned me that the new line of Detective Comics isn't up to snuff.. I wanted to try it anyway for curiosity's sake.

Well, my friend was right. This volume of Detective Comics was a mess I tell you. MESS!

It's sad because the first issue looked promising. That last panel with the Joker? Chilling stuff. But then the rest of the volume barely touched on that story. There was some stuff with the doll guy, but it somehow branched off into the Penguin and his new casino which became it's own story. It was all so scatterbrained.

There was no cohesiveness. Batman was apparently solving mysteries, but things were popping up left and right out of nowhere and I couldn't keep up. It's kind of hard to when the writer is throwing things at you from all sides and not letting everything come together on its own. I actually finished this almost two weeks before writing this, and I've forgotten pretty much... everything that happened. Except for the first issue.

The art was fine, but I keep repeating how I'm not a fan of the typical American comic book look, and this is definitely in that camp. Batman is built like Arnold Schwarzenegger (seriously, I know superheroes are probably built, but they're all SO BUILT!!) and has a ridiculously chiseled jaw etc. It's not my thing, but it's perfectly fine for the medium.

OH, and another thing. Like Green Lantern, I was not at all a fan of the romance here. I am so sick of reading comic books where the female love interest is totally into the male superhero even they're hard-to-get assholes who blow them off all the time. Charlotte digs Bruce BECAUSE he plays hard-to-get? And she forgives him of all fouls when he does bother to show up? And he assuages her with gifts and money? Gross. Is this whole idea of chicks digging hard-to-get guys some kind of male fantasy? Because it's annoying.

Final Verdict: This first volume of the new launch of Detective Comics was a hot-mess. The story (or stories I guess) lacked cohesiveness and I constantly had information flying at me from all sides, creating a big jumbled mess. I was also extremely annoyed with the romance angle of the story, and Charlotte's draw to Bruce because he's elusive and "hard to get". I get that some girls like that kind of thing, but do all female love interests in comics need to be into it? It's annoying. The art was fine, but not mind-blowing. All in all, my friend was right and I probably just shouldn't have bothered. Will I read more?? ...Maybe. I'm still curious if they're going to go back to the story of the first issue, which I DID actually like. It was a promising start... it's just too bad it devolved from there.