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Old Man's Cave (Bone, #6) - Jeff Smith
Originally reviewed here.

Why I Read It: Next in a series.

In this volume, we finally, FINALLY, figure out why the Hooded One wants to find Phoney Bone. I rejoiced because question has been bugging me for the ENTIRE series thus far. Seriously, what could he want with that stupid guy? But the answer I was given kind of... confused me. At first I thought: "Wait, wut?" Then I thought it was all kind of funny. Then it felt sort of anti-climatic, but still mostly funny. Then I got over it and thought it was just funny.

But I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. Overall, this volume kept up with the darker tone picked up in the third volume and we get a closer look at the war that's been going on between the Valley people and the Rat Creatures. Thorn is still mad at Gran'ma Ben and thinks she can't be trusted because she lied about something kind of important. Her distrust of Gran'ma Ben frustrated me, even though I felt like she had good reason to be wary. But I love Gran'ma Ben! She's awesome!

Oh, and the inclusion of the "stick-eaters", who are basically a group of warriors/monks/priests people? Super mysterious and BADASS. I hope they play a bigger role later on.

Final Verdict: This series still impresses me with its ever-widening scope of a story and I like that it's maintained a darker tone while still being kid-friendly. There were some awesome revelations in this volume (actually, it feels like there have been awesome revelations in pretty much EVERY volume since the third one). The ending perplexed me a bit, but I still liked it; it was just an odd mix of funny during a very serious moment.