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Dead as a Doornail - Charlaine Harris
Review originally posted here.

This has definitely felt like the weakest of all the Sookie books so far. I wasn't wholly unenjoyable (I still rated it three stars on Goodreads, but it honestly verged on a two) but it lacked a lot of what made the previous book so enjoyable: a well paced mystery and a fairly titillating romance.

The sniper mystery was extremely bland. Not only was I able to guess who was doing it fairly soon, but I remember realizing who it probably was and thinking: "No, that can't be it. That'd be too stupid." Sooo. The other mystery involving who burned down (half) of Sookie's house actually had me a little puzzled, but that was more because I was being a derp than anything. It was kind of obvious and I felt stupid for not realizing it (as opposed to being like "OHH!!! You got me Charlaine Harris" which is a much more satisfying reaction.)

And Alcide was an asshole in this book. Seriously, what the hell Alcide? I LIKED YOU. I WAS ON YOUR SIDE. And you went all weird and Not Cool on me. He seriously treated Sookie like crap and then wanted her to live with him? When you still obviously have issues with your dead crazy ex? And then he's all like "Oh yeah Sookie, please take part in these werewolf politics and rituals but I will tell you NOTHING about them." This makes me so sad because Alcide was awesome, even if he was screwing that crazy shape-shifter.

Another irk I had with the novel was that it's REALLY starting to do the whole "EVERYONE IS IN LOVE/INFACTUATED/WANTS TO SLEEP WITH SOOKIE" and it seriously drives me crazy. Yes, I like Sookie well enough -- she's fun, she's resourceful, she's got a good head on her shoulders most of the time -- but storylines that have heroines with hordes of men clamouring after her drive me bananas. I mostly like how Sookie goes about it though; she tries to focus on getting her own life together, but she still steals a kiss or two with her suitors every once awhile. And I think that's okay; she's not taken, so she's allowed, though I do fear she sometimes toes the line of leading some of them on (mostly with Sam, poor guy.)

Final Verdict: This was definitely the weakest Sookie novel for me thus far. The mystery felt largely lacking in regards to the sniper taking out the supes, and while I never really did figure out who set fire to Sookie's house, it felt incredibly obvious in the end and felt more like a lapse of intuition on my part than Harris actually constructing a GOOD mystery. The romance angle is starting to feel a little crowded with so many suitors vying for Sookie and it honestly all annoys me quite a bit, but I still like Sookie as a character.