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Bone, Vol. 3: Eyes of the Storm - Jeff Smith
Review originally posted here.

THIS volume finally brought the oomph that I've been looking for in this series. It's a much slower volume in terms of action, because a lot of time is spent exposing some of the mysteries that the first two volumes brought up.

First off, I LOVE that we finally get to know Thorn's true identity. I won't give it away here because of spoilers, but it widened the scope of the story considerably. Her real identity is rather cliche and actually quite predictable but I loved it anyway. This is what gets the ball rolling for the much more serious stuff to come in later volumes. Also, there's the whole aspect of dreams playing a much greater role in the story that I really liked it. Not too much is explained in this volume, but it's the seed for things that are expounded on in later volumes.

The art continues to be consistently well done, and I especially liked some of the later scenes in this volume during the titular storm. There are scenes that are dark, with rain falling all over the place, which are then illuminated by lightning. Smith basically pulls off a kind of strobe light effect and it looks really good. The tension in that scene was raised exponentially because of how Smith drew it which really demonstrated his grasp on the graphic novel medium, I think.

Thankfully, not ALL the questions are answered in this volume and many more are raised, so needless to say I'm going to read this series through until the end. I'm really glad I didn't abandon the series when it didn't grab me right away, because it is turning out to be a lot of fun. :)

Final Verdict: This volume felt like the turning point in this series for me; it went from being "yeah, it's all right" to "YES, I'm really enjoying this". There were some major revelations in this volume that really elevated the story and had me glued to the pages. The really awesome art helped as well. This is definitely a series I want to see through until the end, bar the series somehow jumping the shark.