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Club Dead  - Charlaine Harris
Originally reviewed here.

Why I Read It: Same reason I've read the other books in the series so far; I've owned them forever and just want to *finally* read them, and they're actually mildly entertaining brain-candy.

I'm a little frustrated with myself because I'm super behind on reviews. I'm not one of those people who take notes when they read -- I wish I were, but it distracts me too much -- and I read this back on April 20th (in one sitting), so my memory of the details for this and my observations I had are pretty diluted.

First off, I want to mention that I LOVED Alcide in this book (though I have just finished the fifth book Dead as a Doornail and that book has made me lose most of my endearment for him..). He was just a nice guy and a solid rock for Sookie. I definitely thought they'd make a good couple though I admired Sookie's level-headedness in the situation; she hadn't *officially* broken up with Bill, she was still hurting from his betrayal, and Alcide was still hurting because of Debbie. So yeah, I mostly liked how that all played out. It is, however, the start of almost every important male character in this series wanting to court Sookie, which has already begun to grate on my nerves (after reading five books in the series thus far.)

Sookie's adventure in this third installment wasn't as riveting as her trip to Dallas in the previous book, but some pretty intense shit still happens: Sookie gets staked, shoved into a car trunk with a hungry and very hurt Bill, Sookie kills a vampire, and she rescues Bill from imprisonment and torture. On top of that, Sookie gets beat up in this book... a lot. It made me cringe at certain parts because it feels like this poor girl is always ending up in severely injured.

It's also kind of cool to see Harris's supernatural world expand a little bit. I have to admit that at first I was kind of confused about the difference between Weres and Shifters and how the genetics behind the two worked, but I just went with the flow and kind of took it as it came.

The writing was sub-par, as usual, but Sookie remains a plucky and largely likable heroine. She has all these guys (Bill, Eric, Alcide) who all like her and want to get in her pants, but she doesn't angst about having to decide on just one of them: she focuses on the task at hand and mostly leaves the romance on the side (which is starting to make me a little hesitant to classify these books as 'paranormal romance', but genres can be slippery things) though it still obviously comes up. But in this book Sookie doesn't hook up with anyone and there are absolutely no sex scenes.

Final Verdict: This was another mindless romp and I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it at least a little bit. This series will never be a favourite for me, but they're fun while they last. The writing really isn't the best out there, but I like Sookie and the stories are always just entertaining enough to keep me turning the pages. I liked the introduction of the new character Alcide and I like the chemistry between him and Sookie. I liked the action and the plot a little bit better in Living Dead in Dallas then in this one, but a lot of crazy shit still happens, so it was all right. Overall, it was decent enough to keep me reading the remaining books in this series that I own.